Upcoming Feature – ‘Project Koenect’
By Janine Maslowsky

I am very excited to share with you a new feature that will be coming shortly to Koenect.com as part of your free membership.  You may have seen the article Koenect it forward (In case you have not seen it – check it out here:  https://koenect.com/koenect-it-forward/ ) where we express the importance of giving back.  This program gives you a platform to give back to another member who may not have the skills or resources that you may easily have at your disposal – and then possibly to have someone do the same back for you.  Have you ever had  a stranger buy you a cup of coffee or pay your tolls on the thruway? The feeling is just amazing! The first time it happened to me I just could not believe it.  Why would a stranger be so kind?! They don’t even know me!  It is a powerful thing that can grow, while creating incredible business relationships and even friendships along way.  

How does this program work?
Shortly we are introducing a new Project Page that allows you to post a project you are working on and explain the type of collaboration you are looking for.  You can click on a project to get more details, you can invite the member to the Lounge for further discussion of the scope of the project and then you decide where to go from there. How you choose to move forward as a team is completely up to you – we just help you make the Koenect-ion.

On this Project Page, you can also choose to use the Koenect it Forward option.  Each project will have a Koenect it forward button/icon that you can click on to let the member know you are offering your skills or services for free.  Again, the scope of this completely up to you. The hope is that the person being helped, will in turn do the same for someone else…hence, Koenect it forward.   It is kind of like buying a cup of coffee for a stranger –  a small deed that means so much!  Any member who uses this program to help another member and completes the task, will earn an icon on their portfolio page that proudly displays that they have graciously helped another member of the Koenect Community.  


This new feature has been in the works now for a while and we are very close to a release date.  I would highly recommend you check it out once released – you might read one of the project entries and relate, realize the value in helping another by doing something that may be small to you but large to someone else.  And at the end get the biggest gift of all, the feeling you get when you know you truly helped someone out, expecting nothing in return while enjoying the journey.

Stay tuned….


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