Koenect Goes to Jack Craft Fair
by Janine Maslowsky

We had the pleasure of attending the 4th Annual Jack Craft Fair located in the Outer Harbor in downtown Buffalo, NY.  It was a beautiful Saturday in August, with the waterfront of Lake Erie on one side and the old grain silos on the other.

Koenect has a booth at Jack Craft Fair

The vendors, some happy hobbyists while others making the daunting transition from hobbyist to maker/small business.  We spoke to as many as we could, video interviewing some as we made our way around the two incredibly large tents. They were so kind to us and were more then happy to share their stories on how they are taking their passion and doing all they can to make it a dream business someday.  (Be sure to check out the video above of all the vendors we spoke to and hear the passion for what they do for yourself.)  They are a perfect example of the the reason why we created Koenect.com in the first place.  One question we get all the time is – who is Koenect.com for? The entrepreneur, the want to be business owner, the already business owner but who wants to grow, or the business owner who is just looking for an easier way to connect with the services and skills they are looking for.  Any business, whether it is a large booming company or one that is still an idea on paper.  They could all benefit from Koenect.com in so many ways.  The best part is… there is nothing to lose in signing up.

Some of the artist that Koenect Backstage interviewed.


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