New Feature – The Project Page
By Janine Maslowsky

I am very excited to share with you a new feature that has arrived as part of your FREE membership on! We have now released the Project Page that we have been telling you all about!  Go ahead, post your projects and attract the people or skills you need to complete that project.  Just an idea or concept?  Put it on there and Koenect with that missing piece of the puzzle.  Just describe your project, state what you are looking for and fill out your keywords.  These keywords will send a notification to anyone else on the site with the same keywords, and a link directly to your project.

There are so many ways to use this feature. Want to run a contest and see who can come  up with the best idea or solution for a problem you ran into?  You can do that here.  

Converse back and forth in the Lounge with those who respond to your project wanting to help. Make the Koenections you have been looking for but did not know where to find them.  Oh, and did I mention that you can post your projects on Facebook or Tweet them with just a  click of a button?!  To get the most out of your project and get the most interaction, be sure to post or tweet your project after you submit it.  Keep in  mind, you can also send your Project Page Link to anyone you would like to send directly to your project.  

We are excited for you to try this new feature!  We would love to hear any feedback, issues or ideas to make it work better for your needs.( This is a ongoing project that will just get better and better…

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