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The Koenect.com platform is about connecting you with other individuals with the same synergies.  The advantage to signing up to Koenect.com is, not only are you matched up with a business, entrepreneur or individual with the same goals or skills, but you are also matched with others who share the same passions.

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Collaborate Easily

Finding like mined individuals is no easy task.  Let the Koenect platform do the searching for you based on your passion keywords you enter on you portfolio page.

Build Log-Term Relationships

The once daunting task of finding the skills you need is no longer complicated.  Once you are Koenected to like-minded individuals with similar goals, this is where friendships and long-term business relationships are made.

Don’t sweat it – post it!

Post your projects on the Koenect Project Page to let other know the type of skills or collaboration that you are looking for and get Koenected!  You can even tweet or post your project to Facebook with just a click of a button!

Why Koenect?

  • Work with individuals on a common cause
  • Find resources for your emerging start up
  • Locate companies/individuals with similar values and goals
  • Build your business using a fully functional platform
  • Promote skills and services to other members
  • Utilize public and private message settings to forge relationships
  • Begin a new business venture 

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Your passion statement is a character limited phrase, set by you, that describes your goals in business based on your passions.


Enter keywords that best align with your ideas, passions and goals.  This section is the driving force behind all matches so remember to always update your keywords as your needs change to ensure relevant matches.


Check your inbox to see if potential matches have contacted you through the Member Lounge.  Once the Koenection is made you can proceed in any way you choose to advance towards a common goal! We make the Koenection and the rest is up to you!


You can browse members that you have recently matched with or have worked with in the past.  Or click through to view other members portfolio pages to learn more about them.  If you decide to Koenect with them, simply click on the Invite to Lounge button to initiate a conversation.


Your member rating shows how other members have rated their experience working with you.  Member rating and reviews are public and can be used in deciding whether to work with another member.

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