Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Koenect is a networking platform for anyone that has ever considered or is looking to follow a passion and either start a business or redirect their current business back to a passion. This includes, Makers, Startups, Investors, Existing Businesses or just an individual that is aspiring to chase a dream. The platform matches your passions in business with others that share a similar desire or interest. It then presents you with many opportunities to reach out and connect with these members. Koenect is a Members driven site!!!

How does in work:

The search engine that we developed to drive Koenect works off of passion word matches. These keywords are pulled from member’s portfolio pages, conversations in the members lounge or articles member’s publish to the site. The site continuously searches these passion words and associates them against all other members with similar interests. All connection opportunities are sent to those members for review.

What is the lounge:

The lounge is an interactive blog or topic portal for members to have open conversations about items of interest or question and answer forums. The lounge also provides the ability to have discussions with many different members about your interests and goals. The site is matching these exchanges with other members that also share these same interests. Other members are notified that this discussion is ongoing and are encouraged to join…the ultimate in business networking!!!

Why did you start Koenect:

We were the company that was looking to change direction and get back to following our true business passion. The problem was, we didn’t know how to tell the world that we were ready for change, what our capabilities were and what we really wanted to do with our business. We needed to find others that shared similar interests and had the missing skillsets that we lacked to move forward. We had a fully functioning company with assets, resources, and a great team of skillsets but we slowly moved away from our true passion. We were looking to partner and get back on track but there was no vehicle that would allow us to find people with our similar passions and get the conversation started. We have developed Koenect to be that platform.

What else can members expect:

We want Koenect to be more than just a business networking site. We want it to be the location where members find all the information they need to keep them inspired to chase their dream. We will have ongoing video interviews with different companies and organizations on informational topics and inspirational stories of how they achieved their goals. There will be editorials with varying topics about business, life, successes and failures, just to name a few high level topics.

We have a large backlog of items to add to the site for the future…

You call this a “Members Site”- what does that mean:

We developed Koenect to service the motivated, driven and passionate people in the community that want to chase a dream and follow a passion in business. We based the platform on our experiences of 20 plus years in small business but we do not believe for one second that we captured it all. We call this our “Live Site”, meaning that it is driven to change based on how the members are using it. Member feedback is the key to what adds value to the site. Our job is to listen to our members, let the platform grow and develop and always add valuable content. Members are on this site to connect professionally and follow their passion. We want to make sure we are continually providing the tools and resources to do just that.

As a member, can I let other members know I am looking for employment in an industry I am passionate about:

Yes, we are about providing every opportunity to our members that allow them to get the most out of the information that other members post. That will only help you chase your dream to work in the industry you are passionate about. That does not mean you always have to start a business to achieve that. We will be adding descriptors to the portfolio page where you can identify your interest as employment based. This will provide all the same matching criteria and tools based on your interest and passions but allows members that know you are looking for an employment option. This is a future update.

Do I have to be in business to join:

No. This platform is about inspiring new and existing people to chase a dream in business. The power for the new business owner is that you now have a place to find others that share your passion and have many of the tools you require and want to help you succeed.