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Share your own Link to your Portfolio Page!
By Janine Maslowsky

So here is something new I would like to share with you that you may have not noticed on your Portfolio Page…

You, as a member, now have your own link that you can send to anyone, member or not, and they can view your Portfolio Page. It looks like this:

This link brings them directly to your personal Portfolio Page (another great reason to make sure your page is current and up to date).  They will be able to view all project you have either completed or still have in progress. They can see what your current interests are and where you would like to eventually take them.  How you wish to grow and change in your interests or skills and hopefully a Koenction can be made. They can view you pictures/videos…. everything you have on your Portfolio Page so get creative and make it your own! This is a great way to promote yourself and let people know all about you and your skills.  It is perfect for showing who you are as a person and make you stand out over the rest. Trying to get a job? Why not include your link to show a personal side of you that highlights your skills? What are you going to do to make yourself stand out? Let me know what other ways you are going to use your link for – I’d love to hear all about it!

New Login Features

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New Login Features
By Janine Maslowsky

Some of you may have noticed some new and exciting changes as you login to your Koenect account.  Some of the biggest changes you will see is as you are creating or updating your account, there is now a visual series of explanations that will walk you through the process.  This is meant to be used as a guide to help you create your best portfolio for the type of Koenection you are trying to make.  Keep in mind, this is what everyone will see when they visit your portfolio page so you will probably want to put your best foot forward so others understand who you are, what you are hoping to accomplish and to whom you are trying to Koenect.  Also, the passion keywords you create is what will drive the Koenections made for you so these are a valuable tool for you to continue to tweak until you get the desired result.

User friendly, walk through explanation process when signing up or completing your portfolio page.

On a side note and as mention in a previous newsletter, we will shortly be introducing the Project Page.  This is definitely something you will want to check out since it allows you to enter details of a project that you are currently working on and would like to Koenect with some other skill sets.  You can post one of you own projects and choose to :

  • Ask for someone to Koenect it Forward and help you out of the goodness of their heart in which you will do the same for someone else at some point.
  • You can make the Koenection with someone and discuss how you wish to move forward among yourselves (the Lounge), whether it be trading services or agreeing upon a price. (Remember, we just make the connection so what you decide is completely up to you and solely between the parties involved.)

On the other hand, the reverse is true.  You can search through the Projects and choose to help someone out via the Koenect it Forward program or Koenect up with someone and decide amongst yourselves on how you will proceed on the project.  Either way it is up to you – we just make the Koenection!  Since we all know – it is all about who you know in business, the trick is knowing where to find them…

Spoiler alert!!!  The answer is!

How to Create a Successful Portfolio Page on

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How to create a successful Portfolio Page on
by Janine Maslowsky

I am sure by now you have seen my catchy little saying ‘They say in business it is all about who you know, the trick is knowing where to find them.’  For me it was the best way to explain where Koenect came from in the first place.  Even though there are other incredible tools and features (with a long list of them coming down the pipeline) the real heart of Koenect is the connections made based on your passions.  The key to making this successful for you is by spending some time and really thinking through your portfolio page. Remember, this is literally your ‘portfolio’ so you need to fill it out with some thought and sincerity.  This is what everyone sees and it give a big first impression – the key is to make it a good one!  It’s about putting your best foot forward and it will pay off in the long run.  

Preview Button/Icon

The Design

The portfolio page is design so you can give it the look of your business or your business to be.  In the top section, you can add either an image or an icon (smaller section) as well as a large picture (header section) of you shop, your product or anything that gives other members a feel for what makes you and your product/service special.  Here is a chance to sell yourself and tell who you really are. You also have another opportunity to add photos to a gallery as well as videos to help represent who you are further down the portfolio page.  After you make any changes you can click on the Preview button to view your page exactly how others will see it.

Match Notifications

The Notification Icon

This Icon lets you know when matches have been made based on your passion keywords.  Click on the icon and it will take you to your list of matches with the newest match at the top of the list.  This is where you can click on any match you might be interested in and you will go to their portfolio page. Here you can get a better feel for who they are and if you would like to reach out to them. If you want to Koenect with them, then just click on the Invite to Lounge button to start a discussion. It is that easy!

The Lounge Icon/Button

The Lounge Icon

This button will take you directly to the Lounge where you can start a discussion based on already started topics or you can create your own.  Other members can join into the conversation but if you choose to, you are able to move a conversation out of the group and discuss one-on-one.  In a group discussion, any member who has passion keywords that are mentioned in the conversation will get a notification that they may want to join in.  

The About Us

Willing to Work With Icons

The About Us section is where you can tell your story a bit.  Let people feel who you really are and what it took you get to where you are today.  Whether you already have a business or the story on why you are now starting a business.  No matter what it is, it should be your story.

Willing To Work With

The Willing to Work With section is just a way to let other members know that this is the type of business relationship you are open to discussing.  These options you are able to change at anytime and should be updated as needed.

Passion Keywords

This section is the driving force behind all matches that are made so it is very important to continually tweak these to adjust the matches that are being made for you.  These can be updated continually as your business needs change.  

Current State

This section is the place to tell the world what you are doing currently.  As we all know in business that a company can be pushed into a direction that may not exactly be what the business was intended to be, hence, a deviation from your passion. Or maybe there is just a change in what you want the business to be.  Either way, here is where you state what that current state of the business is.

Future State

Here is where you talk about the direction you are now taking the business in – the future state of your business.  This is where your explanation of the direction you are wishing to go in can catch the attention of someone who shares that same passion but has a different skill that can work well with your needs. Here is where teaming up in whatever capacity you choose can be incredibly uplifting to any business, large or small.

Recent Matches

Recent Matches shows a list of the most recent matches made based on your passion keywords.  You can click on any listing to go directly to their portfolio page and see what they are all about.  (You also receive an email to let you know that you received a new match.)

Companies/Members worked With

This part of the portfolio page shows which other members or companies that you have worked with.  This just gives even more credibility to any member when another member chooses to list them as a successful Koenection.


This section is a place where members can tell about their experience with another member which can also add credibility for those with great ratings.

The Koenect platform is meant to be FOR the members.  It is a tool we created because we ran into the same obstacles that most business at one time or another face. It is a tool we wished we had quite a few years back.  It is about learning from those obstacles and working together to make it easier on each other.  It is about supporting one another and sharing what we have learned along the way.  That is how came about in the first place. The changes and additions you will see to this platform over time will reflect these principles and beliefs.

To check out a sample Profile Page click here.

How to Koenect (video)

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How to Koenect
By Janine Maslowsky

We created this video with the hopes of giving an overall visual on who is and how it works. This video will run through the basics on what you can expect, however it only gives you a small peek. You will find that there are other tools you can enjoy that go well beyond what we show here. There is a long list of new tools that will continually be released and once a member, you will be notified of any additions or updates in your weekly Members Newsletter.  Upon sign-up you will be sent to your new portfolio page where you begin to create your page so that it matches your business identity.  Please let us know if any issues, concerns or suggestions – this site is made for the members so we appreciate all feedback.


For help in Creating a Successful Portfolio Page