Who is Koenect? (Promotional Video)

July 10, 2017How To/About Koenect videos, Video by Janine Maslowsky  

We created this video with the hopes of giving an overall visual on who Koenect is and how it works.  As you can see from the video we are just regular people who have gone through all the same struggles that others like you have gone or will go through when starting or running a business.  This is why we created Koenect in the first place…

What is Koenect? (Interview Style Q&A)

July 10, 2017How To/About Koenect videos, Video by Janine Maslowsky  

This video is an interview-style discussion created to answer the most commonly asked questions about Koenect.com, who it is for, why we created it and how it can help you as a current business owner or entrepreneur.  It was shot in an up and coming location in Downtown Buffalo NY at a exquisite wine Bar, Just Vino.  Thank you so much to Jeff, the owner for sharing his incredible space with the Koenect team!  Just another example on how the business community supports one another.  All striving for the same end goal, understanding that we are much stronger working together.  Those are the ones that truly succeed.

How To Match Your Skills with Other Businesses

July 5, 2017Articles, Newsletter Articles, Small Business by Chris Jordan  

How To Match Your Skills with Other Businesses

by Chris Jordan

Are you looking to find new people and businesses that can help you open doors to new markets or provide skills that you don’t currently have? An opportunity could be right around the corner.

As a business, you are always wanting to find new markets to broaden your niche, continue with product development and keep some momentum. While doing your research, have you found some other business that you think would be a good fit for what your current business is doing or maybe they are knocking it out of the park in a market that you always wanted to get into? We must having something of ours that will benefit them for the match to work.


Why Koenect? – A True Story

June 30, 2017Articles, Newsletter Articles, Small Business by Glenn Maslowsky  

Why Koenect? – A True Story
by Glenn Maslowsky

We started a company back in 1999 called Endless Innovations and our goals seemed clear, maybe a bit foggy but never the less achievable. At the time I was working as Development Engineer in the Aerospace and Defense industry and my wife Janine was a freelance graphic artist. The plan for this energetic and motivated couple in our early 30’s was pretty straight forward, design a product based on a need, market it and we are golden. We were a couple of adventure racers, so how hard could this be?  Aw..The allure of owning your own business, the freedom from the 9 to 5, more flexibility, defining your own path, being your own boss….and the list goes on.  Well, here was the reality….the physical and mental pains of Adventure Racing are only temporary…the struggles and failures of making the wrong decisions with your small business can last you the rest of your life…So make good well thought out decisions and stay focused!


How to Koenect (video)

June 20, 2017Articles, How To/About Koenect videos, How-To-Koenect Article, Video by Janine Maslowsky  

How to Koenect
By Janine Maslowsky

We created this video with the hopes of giving an overall visual on who Koenect.com is and how it works. This video will run through the basics on what you can expect, however it only gives you a small peek. You will find that there are other tools you can enjoy that go well beyond what we show here. There is a long list of new tools that will continually be released and once a member, you will be notified of any additions or updates in your weekly Members Newsletter.  Upon sign-up you will be sent to your new portfolio page where you begin to create your page so that it matches your business identity.  Please let us know if any issues, concerns or suggestions – this site is made for the members so we appreciate all feedback.


For help in Creating a Successful Portfolio Page

Koenect Backstage – Interview with Nickel City Cycles

June 5, 2017Koenect Backstage, Video by Janine Maslowsky  

Koenect Backstage Welcomes Nickel City Cycles
by Janine Maslowsky

Welcome to another episode of Koenect Backstage!  In this episode we had the pleasure of interviewing one of our Koenect members, Patrick, an entrepreneur and one of the two owners (the other being Nate) of Nickel City Cycles.  Their shop is located in a historic old building in Buffalo, NY called The Guild@980 which is a center for green jobs, green materials, and support for the restoration arts.  If you have never had the opportunity to see Nickel City Cycles amazing handmade bicycles, be sure to check them out here. (more…)